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Published on March 31st, 2013 | by Dan Gvozden


Outside the Envelope – “Spring Breakers” Discussion

This week on Outside the Envelope (subscribe to us on iTunes) Brian, Rick, and I discuss the controversial new film Spring Breakers, from Harmony Korine (Kids).  We are also joined by Ryan McNeil from The Matinee to get his unique perspective on the film.  Love it or hate it (some of us represent each side of this column) there is no film quite like Spring Breakers this year.  Join us below for our discussion.

Also discussed are: Bull Durham, Room 237, Vanishing Waves, Tai Chi Zero.Please subscribe to our show on iTunes for the best quality by clicking here.


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Do you remember that dorky kid from elementary school who loved movies and comic books? Dan's him, but an adult... well in most senses of the word. All that matters is that he's an aficionado of all things pop culture and wants to share his interests with the world.

  • Ric

    Who knew that Baklava would be the new “little black slut dress” of the season!

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